Bruce Heddle -Careena Downs

We have several Leak Detection Units plus units at our school and sports club. In addition we also have a couple of rain gauges and a soil moisture probe. The units have been a complete success. Our water bill has reduced significantly – in fact I can think of few other pieces of equipment that have provided such a rapid financial pay back, as well as such peace of mind.

Some of the units are permanent fixtures while others are moved frequently as mobs of sheep are shifted between paddocks and farms. This takes very little time and ensures that the units are always used.
The ability to further utilise the units by adding other measuring equipment such as soil moisture probes, weather recording equipment etc. is a real advantage and I’m sure we will find more uses for this versatility yet.

The backup service from Shane Oster and The Alpha Group has been outstanding – whether we require another unit, different sensors or changes to how we see our reports and alerts, his response is unfailingly prompt, professional and thorough.