Certification Inspections

Alpha Group Consulting is an accredited inspection service for Seed Services Australia. Alpha Group is able to perform seedling and summer inspections for lucerne seed certification.



Phytosanitary Inspections

Alpha Group Consulting is also accredited to perform phytosanitary inspections on lucerne to declare freedom from bacterial wilt, stem nematode, perennial thistle (circium arvense) and broomrape (Orobanche spp).

Field inspections are performed through late spring / early summer to declare freedom from the above mentioned pests and diseases.

As the Alpha Group has a close association with its grower clients, it is well served to perform the field inspections in a timely fashion when the paddocks are most suitable for inspecting.

Small Broomrape SCALED

Broom rape - Orobanche ramosa

bacterial Wilt in the paddock

Bacterial Wilt

bacterial Wilt

Bacterial Wilt - comparison