Broadacre Crop Management

A broadacre agronomy service is one of the specialist fields of Alpha Groups expertise. The “Tatiara” district is very diverse in its soil and land types and the range of crops grown. The crops commonly grown in the district and managed by Alpha Group are:

Wheat  |   Barley  |    Canola   |    Beans    |    Lentils   |     Peas   |    Lupins
Vetch   |   Chickpeas    |    Cereal Rye    |    Triticale   |   Coriander    |    Brassica Crops
Balansa Clover    |    Arrow leaf Clover   |  Mixed Pastures
Wheat crop (Google)
Seedling (google)

Based on several years experience in the district Alpha Group is well positioned to satisfy the broadacre crop requirements of clients. The broadacre season has a good fit with the lucerne seed season as the cropping season begins just after the lucerne harvest, and canola windrowing and legume crop topping occurs just prior to the main seed closure period.

The Alpha Group team can assist with advice on rotations, variety selection, optimal seeding times, fertiliser, pesticide recommendations, weed and insect monitoring, windrowing timing, spray application techniques and seeding equipment.

Alpha Group consulting prides itself on having vast expertise in spray application. After several years of use in the field of what has been considered in the past (and still by some) as a radical techniques is now the norm for a lot of growers. Vast improvements in off target damage (drift), spray efficiency and efficacy has been seen by growers who have adopted these techniques. These growers are now considered as industry leaders in spray application.