Alpha Group Consulting commenced business in October 2008. It is based in the town of Keith with its offices in Dugan Street. 
Alpha Group commenced servicing Kununurra in Western Australia in 2010 and Katherine in 2012.

Alpha Group Consulting is Australia’s premier lucerne seed consulting business. The Alpha Group offers three decades of expertise in lucerne management with a strong focus on all aspects of seed production.

Based in Keith, South Australia, the Alpha Group is located in the heart of Australia’s lucerne seed production area. Keith is 220 km south east of Adelaide and produces in excess of 85% of Australia’s lucerne seed.

The Alpha Group has a role in most of the lucerne seed produced in Australia either directly at the production level with producers or indirectly through its involvement in research, soil moisture monitoring, certification and variety evaluation.

Alpha Group is a SENTEK distributor and provides equipment with full installation and support packages.

Alpha Group provides soil moisture monitoring advice in the South East of South Australia as well as Kununurra in WA and Katherine in NT.

From its modern offices in Dugan St, Keith, Alpha Group consults widely in Australia and overseas. It has a focus on customer service aimed at achieving the best results possible and provides a wide range of services using its expertise in many facets of irrigated and dryland lucerne management – especially seed production.

Alpha Group Consulting provides independent advice for lucerne seed crop management, broadacre crop management and irrigation scheduling. In addition the Alpha Group undertakes industry services including certification and phytosanitary inspections for Seed Services Australia.

Alpha Group Consulting is one of Australia’s leading private research companies focusing on a range of research topics pertaining to crops such as lucerne, white clover and olives. Alpha Group undertakes contract research as well as having an ongoing private research platform aimed at solving industry production problems.

Optimum lucerne seed production in Australia requires a specialist approach and Alpha Group Consulting is a unique business with skills and servcies to assist growers from paddock to market.