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James De Barro

James De Barro has consulted to the agricultural industry since 1989 and is widely regarded as one of Australia's premier 'thinkers' in agricultural production and regional needs.

Through his professional career he has refined his knowledge of lucerne seed production and irrigated crop management and irrigation design. He has particular interests in integrated pest management, pollination, soil moisture monitoring and irrigation scheduling.

As an entomologist James has developed and tested numerous concepts relating to pest management and has written and spoken on this topic on many occasions.

James has published a series of wide ranging research reports from research undertaken in a range of crops including lucerne, white clover and olives. In addition James has published research relating to water balances, pest management and seed quality.

Research into the lucerne seed wasp and abnormal lucerne seed have been critical to the high quaility product produced in Australia.

James designed the methodology for the volumetric conversion of water licences the South East of South Australia within his research - 'Dividing the Droplet'. This research gave advocacy to the South East's irrigators for a fair conversion of the area based licences to volume licences.

In 1999 James was awarded a Churchill Fellowship to study the commercial pollination of lucerne in North America. In particular James studied the comparative commercial uses of European honey bees, leafcutter bees and alkali bees to pollinate lucerne seed crops in the USA and Canada.

James is well respected for his advocacy for the irrigation industry and the lucerne seed industry. He is known for sharing his knowledge with his peers and assisting and encouraging new members of the consulting trade.