Alpha Group Consulting 'Crop Walk' - 2015

In mid September 2015, Alpha Group Consulting help a 'Client Crop Walk' amidst a dry cropping season. The season had already proved to be tough for the majority of growers in the district and for various reasons. With a large proportion of Alpha Group Consulting clientel working through some touch challenges, the 'Client Crop Walk' was designed to provide forsight into improved cropping strategies.

The first guest speaker was Dr. Rob Norton who discussed the differences in nitrogen loss between UREA fertilisers and SOA fertilisers. He discussed recent studies into the effect that no rainfall after application will have on nitrogen losses particularly between the two fertiliser types. With the recent forecast rain not coming to fruition and large amonts fertiliser being applied, this news was well received.

The second speaker was Darren Ray from the BOM who discussed with attendees the range of parameters that are considered when long term weather forecasting is undertaken. He discussed the complexity in interpretation of parameters and the difficulty for farmers to find consistent forecasts in a large number of available apps and websites.

The third and final speaker was Dr. Alan Mckay who spoke to growers about the latest trends and results observed in rhizoctonia trials. He discussed the range of different parameters that will foster the increase in soil rhizoctonia, much of which were being observed in client's paddocks. He then discussed with growers the need to implement a range of mitigation strategies in order to succesfully reduce rhizoctonia numbers.





Alpha Group Consulting client meeting - 2015

With the 2014/15 lucerne seed production season completed, Alpha Group Consulting provided their clients to meet and reflect upon the season just passed. While some clients experienced their highest seed yield ever, others had their worst.

The launch of The Alpha Group's record keeping 'app' in mid 2014 ensured clients received a more thorough and informative recommendation/report. Clients were given the opportunity to offer their feedback of the new reporting system after experiencing a full season since the launch. Although under constant review by The Alpha Group team, clients expressed how the new style of reports has improved their efficieny and anticipation of pest infestations.

Lucerne seed growers in the 2014/15 lucerne season witnessed highly variable yield results from paddock to paddock. James De Barro presented clients with likely explanations to the unpredictable season ranging from weather patterns to insect pest issues. Key to the success of lucerne seed producers in the coming season will be the management and mitigation of Lucerne Seed Wasp populations in the district. Clients were encouraged to close lucerne seed paddocks early to avoid the expected Seed Wasp population explosion.

To conclude the evenning, Daniel Zinga of New Edge Microbials addressed the audience with a brief depiction of legume innoculant production and distribution. The audience was then given the opportunity to ask questions in regards to their innoculating regime and how/if improvements can be made.




Alpha Group Consulting variety feild day - 2015

Choosing a lucerne variety for new paddocks can be problematic to even the most experienced lucerne seed grower. With seed companies releasing new varieties every growing season the selection decision becomes even more challenging.

With this in mind, the team at Alpha Group Consulting decided to hold a 'Lucerne Variety Feild Day' giving their clients the opportunity to see a wide range of lucerne varietites growing in seed production circumstances on dramatically different soil types.

Attending clients were given the opportunity to closely examine the lucerne growth in each paddock before gathering for a breif description of paddock management and relevant variety attributes. At the conclusion of each breifing, there was a time for any questions to be answered.

At the conslusion of the day, clients were invited to a BBQ dinner and drinks at the Keith showgrounds.